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A Textmate Bundle for CSSLint


A quick heads up, if you haven’t heard about the new CSSLint project from Nicole ## and Nicholas Zakas, you have been missing out. The project aims to take CSS to the next level and help you understand why your css isn’t performing very well. What, you didn’t know your CSS isn’t performing? Thats because most of us haven’t had a good Code Review on most of our CSS.

CSSLint for TextMate

First and foremost, I would like to say, I forked the original jsHint TextMate Bundle. If you don’t already have this, you need it. It will change the way you put together your JavaScript, just as I suspect CSSLint will do for your CSS.

I talked with Nicholas at the Velocity conference and decided I would put together a quick CSSLint TextMate Bundle that could make use of the Node Module for CSSLint. After a couple of hours playing with the way TextMate Does its bundles, I was able to get a working product. A Couple of quick emails back and forth and we have a Beta version of the CSSLint TextMate Bundle.

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