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jQuery ready, delegate, live!

Recently I was browsing through the jQuery subr reddit and noticed this question pop up. Since I am sure this is a pretty common question on “Why won’t my jQuery command work properly”, I figured I would give a shot at answering it.

Hey guys, I’m sure this has been answered before but I can’t seem to find anything by searching Google or /r/jquery.

I am a beginner with this so forgive me, but I can’t find an explanation to this anywhere and I’m curious. When I try to stop the default submit function of a form in the <head> tag of a .html file it won’t work, but when I copy and paste the same code into the <body> it works fine. Regardless of where I place it, it is always below the link to the jquery library. This is really confusing and I was hoping you guys could explain this for me. Thanks!

via jQuery <script> in <body> or *lt;head>.

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